About me

I was born on a rainy Sunday night (just to make it dramatic!) in November 1990 in Tehran, Iran. For some unknown reasons, I was given the name “Teymoor”, like the historical figure and undefeated commander “Timur Lang”.

Except of a few vague memories, I don’t remember that much of the first years. But, I clearly remember the impression I got when, the few years old version of me, looked at a picture of the Milky Way (an artistic view) on the cover of a book, wondering where this place is.

“I want to become an Astronomer!”, I wrote in an essay about my future career when I was 10. In the same year, passionate about stars and galaxies, I joined a small educational observatory in my city and started learning Astronomy. I spent most of my time travelling and star gazing and through time, I became somehow a skilled amateur astronomer. I won prizes in astronomical competitions, observation marathon and won the silver medal in the National Astronomy Olympiad in Iran. I was an amateur astronomer on the side and has been awarded first rank in observational competitions, Messier Marathon and Sufi Competition from 2006-2008. I also refereed these competitions for several years after 2009.

Despite all the experiences in Astronomy, I entered engineering school and started studying Mechanical Engineering in my city. I was okay with doing engineering until I involved with the Iranian National Observatory (INO). In the next few years, I started to be drowned into the professional astronomy more and more and lost my motivations toward engineering. I continued my MSc studies in Astronomy, with the idea of perusing it abroad. I did my best in the next few years which finally brought me to the Netherlands.

Currently, I’m doing my PhD research at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute in Groningen. I have no idea what comes next.


BSc in Mechanical Engineering, 2014, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

MSc in Astronomy, 2017, Tehran Polytechnique, Tehran, Iran

Honors & Awards

Ranked member of Iran National Foundation of Elites

Silver medal in 3rd National Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics